ODDIST is an electronic music producer from Brooklyn.



My Philosophy.

"The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." - Karl Marx

  • ODDIST believes that music and politics are inextricably linked
  • ODDIST believes that music is the perfect medium for conveying revolutionary ideas
  • ODDIST believes that net neutrality and the free and open exchange of ideas, information and technology are essential to the preservation of democracy
  • ODDIST believes that the citizens of the USA are currently under occupation by militarized police departments and that the people have a fundamental right and obligation to resist
  • ODDIST believes that the people of the USA have a right and obligation to overthrow the ruling class
  • ODDIST believes that torture is immoral under all circumstances
  • ODDIST believes that capital punishment should be abolished globally
  • ODDIST believes that healthcare is a human right
  • ODDIST believes that the atomic bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima and firebombings of Tokyo were among history's greatest war crimes
  • ODDIST believes that reparations are due to the descendants of African slaves in the Americas
  • ODDIST believes that the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Australia, and Palestine (among many other places) deserve to live freely and independently in their ancestral lands
  • ODDIST believes that Israeli settlers should immediately withdraw from Palestinian territories and return to their homelands
  • ODDIST believes that the embargo against Cuba by the US should be immediately lifted
  • ODDIST believes that climate scientists are correct when they declare that climate change is partially due to humankind's [in]actions
  • ODDIST believes that rationality and humanism must replace religion as the primary motivation of human action
  • ODDIST believes that religious extremism is the major global source of injustice and suffering
  • ODDIST believes that women deserve respect, equal rights, reproductive rights and equal pay across the globe
  • ODDIST believes that gay and transgendered people deserve respect, equal rights, and the chance to live as they please without fear of violence or discrimination


ODDIST supports:


Julian Assange

Chelsea Manning

Edward Snowden

Occupy Wall Street

Socialist Party USA

The citizens of Gaza

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International

Human Rights Campaign

Doctors Without Borders

The citizens of Ferguson, MO

All oppressed peoples, now and forever


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Brooklyn, NY